Firm Profile

Buell Fryer McReynolds Jahed, Inc. (BFMJ) began 2008 by celebrating its 62nd year of providing quality consulting structural engineering services for Lexington, Kentucky and the surrounding region. The company name changed in January of 2006 when Peyman Jahed, PE, SECB was promoted from Vice President to Senior Vice President. Previously the firm had been known as Buell•Fryer•McReynolds since 1994 when two well established competitors, White Walker McReynolds and Buell-Fryer Associates merged. Mr. Ethan A. Buell, PE, SECB, continues to serve as President of BFMJ. Mr. Mike McReynolds, Graduate Engineer, became a Senior Associate in January 2006. He has been with the firm since 1986.

A majority of BFMJ’s staff has been with the company for more than 10 years. The average length of time at BFMJ for all its engineers is over 15 years. In addition, Mr. Gyles Winkler, structural designer, celebrated his 51st year with BFMJ. The company name has changed but the staff and quality of consulting structural engineering services has not. The company of BFMJ greatly appreciates the dedication of its employees and it is through their efforts that BFMJ has accomplished thousands of successful projects for its hundreds of satisfied clients.

Business Philosophy

The goal at BFMJ is client satisfaction. We always strive for a close working relationship that encourages communication and creates an atmosphere for creativity and innovation. We understand that structural engineering plays an important role in assisting our architectural clients to turn their vision into a reality. At the same time BFMJ utilizes state of the art computer aided design and drafting software to provide contractors with buildable structures that are both structurally sound and economically efficient.

We work hard to propose economical solutions for the specific requirement of every project. We encourage our project managers and engineers to always ask questions and seek better solutions. Therefore every project in our office benefits from the diverse background of our engineering staff. With our quality assurance programs we require ongoing reviews of design and contract drawings by both the Project Manager(s) and Principals in Charge. This helps eliminate expensive construction procedures and reduces change orders.

During construction administration, BFMJ stresses communication and coordination with the Contractor or Construction Manager and all other design team members. When field issues arise we strive to provide a quick but thorough response to help keep the project on schedule while working to eliminate change orders. BFMJ has provided Special Inspection services on several of their own projects and in doing so have helped to reduce the cost and improve the quality of these services.

BFMJ practices flexibility in the scope of services offered in order to fit client/project budgetary requirements, but hold to a minimum service level to protect the building’s structural integrity, client/project liability and public safety. Their goal is to insure that they provide an appropriate structural system, which is both economical and safe but not overly conservative. BFMJ will work hand in hand with the Architect to help create their vision of the building’s appearance, functionality and structural performance.

Range of Services

BFMJ provides a full range of Structural Engineering consulting services. These services include complete design of both primary and secondary structural components and construction administration services for all types of new buildings and related structures.

BFMJ is pre-qualified with the State of Kentucky Department of Transportation to provide culvert and bridge design for length of spans of up to 500 feet. BFMJ is also capable of providing analysis of existing structural systems to determine their capacities and whether they are capable to support or need to be reinforced economically to support additional loads from new equipment and/or expansions. BFMJ can provide specialty services including value-engineering studies, cost estimating services and special inspection services.

As part of our normal construction administration services during construction, BFMJ provides site monitoring, including special pre-construction meetings prior to erection/construction of specific structural building components, such as foundations, steel or pre-cast framing, and pre-slab pours. These meetings are usually run by BFMJ’s staff with the general contractor and the appropriate sub-contractors in attendance. As an additional service, BFMJ has provided the Owners Special Inspection services as required by the most recent Kentucky Building Code.

Although BFMJ’s services are most often provided as consultants to Architectural clients, we also provide a significant percentage of work as the Prime Consultant, especially in the field of forensic investigations and the design and construction administration services for the repairs of both primary and secondary structural systems and their elements, as well as non-structural components such as stone and masonry facades.

On a regular basis, BFMJ has provided expert witness services or has helped in serving as a third party between other engineers in resolving engineering design disputes. It is the trust of other design professionals that BFMJ is asked to perform such services. BFMJ has served its community well for 60 years earning the reputation of a sound engineering practice.